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Asbestos Removal - works notification

The planned work outlined in the notification below has been extended. Works will now take place on Saturday 24 February and Saturday 2 March.Thank you for your understanding. ____________________________________________________________________________________________

16 February 2024 Dear staff and parents/carers, As part of the Manly Village Public School upgrade we are doing demolition works in Building C. This work will involve working with asbestos containing material in the flooring and ceiling. Building C is within an active construction site and remains cordoned off to students and staff. Work to remove the vinyl floor tiles and ceiling linings will take place Saturday 24 February. All work involving asbestos containing materials will take place outside of school hours, with additional safety measures and monitoring in place before the work starts. Work will be done in accordance with work, health and safety laws and the NSW Department of Education’s Asbestos Management Plan. All work will be completed by licensed and accredited asbestos contractors and monitored by occupational hygienists in strict accordance with all applicable legislation, regulations, policies, and guidelines. Building C will be inspected by an independent hygienist to confirm it has been fully remediated, and the building contractor will receive a clearance certificate before construction resumes. The health, safety, and wellbeing of the school and the local community is our highest priority. Thank you for your cooperation during this important work.