Manly Village Public School

Respect Integrity Excellence

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Positive behaviour for learning (PBL)

Manly Village Public School's core values of Excellence, Respect and Integrity are reflected in the school's positive discipline approach called 'The Manly Village Way'. Our school plan and student wellbeing programs are built around these three core values. Our Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) Procedures set out how these values look and how they can be achieved in different parts of the school.

We use these values when discussing appropriate behaviour across the school with students, staff and parents.

Students are explicitly taught how to implement the school's values. Teachers use the language of Excellence, Respect and Integrity every day to promote a sense of wellbeing, a feeling of community and a positive learning environment.

Manly Village uses a tiered award system. Students may be awarded Mini Merits for demonstrating our core values.

10 Mini Merits = 1 Bronze Award

3 Bronze Awards = 1 Silver Award

3 Silver Awards = 1 Gold Award

3 Gold Awards = 1 Manly Village Medal

Bronze Awards for achieving 10 Mini Merits are handed out at stage lines each week.

Assembly Awards (Bronze Awards) are handed out at fortnightly K-2 and 3-6 assemblies.

Silver Awards, Gold Awards and Manly Village Medals  are handed out at Monday morning whole school assemblies.