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Class Parent Representatives

What is a Class Parent Representative at Manly Village Public School?

A Class Parent Representative (CPR) plays an integral role in the MVPS community. CPRs facilitate communication between the classroom, teachers, school, the P&C, and families. It is a voluntary position filled by 1-2 parents/carers within each class who help support class families and promote parent involvement in our school community. As a CPR, you are a valued member of the MVPS school community, and your time and commitment are very much appreciated.


Please click on this link to read and review the Guidelines for Class Parent Representatives.

CPR Role

The role of the CPR is to help guide parents, carers and families throughout the school year, including:

  • Communicating messages from your teacher(s) to the class parents including class news, important updates and volunteer requests (for example, reading groups and excursions)
  • Coordinating parent helpers for class and school events, such as Harmony Day, literacy group volunteers, class excursions and the end of year dance concert
  • Providing a contact person for the class parents/carers so they can ask questions about what is happening at the school and in the classroom.
  • Supporting parents, particularly those new to MVPS, by providing advice on where to go or who to ask for information when required.
  • Conducting regular informal chats with your teacher to offer continued support.
  • Requesting and tracking class funds for class expenses throughout the year, including teacher birthday and end of year gifts (Optional – Please refer to Financial Responsibilities below)
  • Attending CPR meetings once per term, if possible, and relaying pertinent information to classes. During the CPR meetings, we will review the term calendar, discuss CPR responsibilities and answer questions. Meeting minutes will be circulated following each meeting for those unable to attend.

How do you become a CPR?

During ‘Meet the Teacher’ nights in Term 1, teachers will ask for parents/carers to nominate for class CPR.

  • There can be 2 CPRs for each class (co-CPRs) and the role can be divided as you choose, as long as there is continued support for the teacher and class. For example, CPR 1 can coordinate communications and CPR 2 can coordinate budgets or social events, or one CPR can run terms 1-2 and another CPR can run terms 3-4. If there are co-CPRs, please make sure this is communicated to your teacher(s).
  • Once your teacher has confirmed the CPR(s), they will notify the school office and provide your contact details.