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The Sustainability Team (SUST) comprises staff and students working together to make our school community more sustainable. We meet weekly to discuss sustainability issues relevant to MVPS and then create positive actions to address them.

The canteen is an integral part of making our school a sustainable environment. It supports the school’s campaign of being “Plastic Free for our Sea” by supplying waste free meals. By this we mean reducing single use packaging by serving food on reusable plates and providing reusable cutlery. It also sources products to create minimal waste.

Our Green Agents are students from Years 3 -6, who have a keen interest in sustainability and preserving the local environment. Students are involved in school-wide projects such as promoting the  ’Plastic Free for our Sea’ campaign, waste-free lunches, raising funds for Seabird and Turtle Rescue, composting and recycling, releasing local wildlife, Australia Day Clean Up, joining the Take 3 for our Sea movement and organising lost property. The Green Agents meet every week to discuss, plan and action how the school community can be more sustainable and protect our local wildlife.

The food garden, on the Victoria Parade side of the school, is used as an outdoor classroom to support curriculums across the grades. The SUST team organises specialists to speak to the students on different topics relevant to their learning. These lessons are tailored made to assist the teachers and students in their studies.

The SUST Team continues to look for greener pastures. If you would like to contribute and can present to the Green Agents or the SUST Team in any way, please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you!

The Green Agents have been making the boxes to hold waste soft plastics for their kitchen benches at home.   If you want to give it a go follow these intructions - it's really easy!