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Learning remotely

We're keeping students learning both in and out of the classroom.

Explore the department's Learning remotely resources to support both online and offline learning for all students.

Accessing your Child's Department of Education Zoom Account

To ensure student safety online, students can only access Zooms from their class teacher or support staff member if they are logged into their DoE Zoom account. You will need to toggle between your own Zoom account and your child's DoE Zoom account in the Zoom desktop app. Click on the link below to watch a step by step explanation of how to access your child's DoE account to participate in Zooms run by school staff. 

Students are currently working online through Seesaw or Google Classroom. Students receive their work through these platforms. Please click here to open a copy of the Manly Village Public School Working from Home Guide for Families. This document provides all the technical ‘how to’ information you will need for successful home learning.

Parents supervising their children at home, are asked to complete a daily ‘Learning From Home’ attendance register before 10.30am each morning. An SMS message will be sent seeking a reply from parents each morning.

For those children who attend school the following points are important:

  • Students must not attend school if unwell, even with the mildest of COVID 19 symptoms.
  • It is important that students wear warm clothes to school as we will be taking measures to ensure adequate ventilation and airflow in each classroom


Drop off and pick up

Parents of students who need to be at school are asked to drop their child at one of the many gates around the perimeter of the school from 8.45am. Gates will be locked at 9.15am each morning.

A reminder for all families

Students should not attend school if unwell, even with mild symptoms of COVID -19. Any child with any COVID-19 symptoms will be sent home and should not return to school until they have received a negative test result and are symptom free.